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Mike Pierce image

Mike Pierce wrote this review 4 years and 8 months ago

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Loving Husband...Devoted Father...and Ruthless Killer is exactly what Richard Kuklinkski is. People...if you're into mob movies - movies that 'showcase' hired assassins...THE ICEMAN is for you!

Did you see who's in this movie? Take a look...look up! (lol) Michael Shannon - he plays the killer-for-hire Richard K and does a GREAT job. Heck - I think anything Michael Shannon does - he knocks out the ball park. Ray Liotta and Chris Evans - they're great...and Winona Ryder - - now lets talk about her. Not going to lie - I've never been a fan of hers...BUT in THE ICEMAN...she does great. Definitely not bad on the eyes either. (lol) I thought everything was on point with this movie and it's definitely worth the watch. FIND IT...and watch it. (lol)



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