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Movie Review: Storage 24

Mike Pierce image

Mike Pierce wrote this review 4 years and 7 months ago

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STORAGE 24 – I checked it out last night on Netflix streaming. For being a ‘creature’ flick…it wasn’t THAT bad.

The movie takes place in London – Yep…hot chicks with accents. SOLD! (lol) The movie starts off with an explosion – plane crashes and there’s a metal box on the ground - - - by the look of it - - “Something” was in this metal box. Night time comes and we meet a group of people and a few strangers who happen to be stopping by a storage facility - - picture a U-Haul Self Storage place…but BIGGER…wayyyyy bigger. As we continue to watch – we see that there’s drama between these folks. One dude has recently been dumped by his girlfriend – that’s why he’s there with his best friend…to pick up HIS stuff from the storage unit. The bad thing is - - his x girl friend is there at the unit as well – with HER friends. AWKWARD. Well – if that wasn’t enough…the power of the facility is tripping because of the plane accident and well…THERE’S A CREATURE RUNNING AROUND…READY TO KILL. So the group of ‘not so’ friends have to team up - - survive AND escape.

Like I said before – STORAGE 24 wasn’t that bad of a movie – people in my circle made it sound a lot worse. (lol) Yes…the creature looks a little cheesy in some parts. But it works. I thought the blood/kill scenes were cool.


Is it worth a watch? Yeah, why not. 



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