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Movie Review: The Place Beyond The Pines

Tinseltine image

Tinseltine wrote this review 4 years and 9 months ago

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READ MORE - If only this story, expanded to include Luke and Romina's first encounter, was the entire movie. But no, it's a movie in 3 Acts, which feels like a 10 hour mini-series. Where Luke's story ends, Avery's (Cooper) begins. Avery is a married cop with a 1 year-old son. He's from a wealthy family, passed the bar before joining the force. He's not down for the whole dirty cop thing going on around him, headed up by who else? Ray Liotta. Yet, Avery's not against taking them down for his own advancement...

I wanna give Cianfrance credit for presenting a different framework for a movie. He and co-writer Ben Coccio take the piece almost to a Shakespearean level. Or like a book read in its entirety without a screenplay, filming an entire saga. I say I wanna give him credit, but I can't, this storytelling device is just ponderous. There are however, some good scenes and themes along the way to The Place Beyond the Pines. food+and+film_sm.jpg Food in Film Moment:  Luke - "What kinda F'ing house are you running with no Ice Cream?"



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