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Movie Review: 42

Tinseltine image

Tinseltine wrote this review 4 years and 9 months ago

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"42" - It's a beautifully colored film. Not talking about the African Americans, although there are a lot of affluent looking people of color in the movie. But I'm referring to the production sets & film coloring - vibrant and fresh, yet evoking an era gone by.
It's hard to believe Philadelphia and the Phillies were so hateful! You'd have thought that kind of racial ignorance would only have happened with teams of the south.
I'm hoping the fact that 42 has been released relatively early in the year, won't hurt it's Oscar chances. It's quite a departure for Harrison Ford, his Branch Rickey portrayal deserves an Oscar nod.
It always wonderful to see a black couple getting in a few kisses and showing a loving relationship, but Rachel couldn't have been so perfect. She and Jackie would have had some fights and marital problems caused by him being on the road so often. And just living with all the tension that came with his role as the first black major league player, would have put some strain on their relationship at some point.
It would have been preferable to me if an African American writer/director was behind the film. And Chris brought up a good point that he wasn't able to include in his review - I never thought about it before, but it seems people speculate that had baseball not been integrated, perhaps the Negro Leagues would have eventually out-shined and out-revenued the Major Leagues.
Although Branch Rickey had some altruistic motives for wanting to integrate the sport of baseball, he also made no bones about the fact that in the long run it would spell big bucks! Perhaps he was also trying to divert the growing popularity of the Negro Leagues...READ MORE



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