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Movie Review: The Croods

Eric Hook image

Eric Hook wrote this review 4 years and 10 months ago

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Long ago, when caveman roamed the earth, there lived a family named The Croods. Led by an overprotective father named “Grug” who was comfortably set in his ways. His family motto was essentially ignore your curiosity & stay hidden from danger. When the family crosses paths with a lone wolf named Guy, the whole dynamic of the group changes. He introduces them to the phenomenon of fire, along with a new & inventive way to live their life, using these things called ‘ideas’. The domineering father becomes intimidated when he begins to lose control of the family, especially his daughter who seems to be smitten with this mysterious traveler.

The Croods gains tons of excitement from the open-world choice of milieu. Last years Wreck-It-Ralph gave me the same impression. Both settings were unpredictable, atypical of course, but equally fun. Anything can happen, the imagination can run freely. Although this film raised the stakes a bit higher, with the impending end of the world on the horizon.

Plenty of themes can be dissected here, things to discuss with your child. The most important theme being “evolution”. The Croods encourages you to question life, explore the world, and try new things. If these character didn’t try to make life better for themselves, where would we be today…

You’ll find the grandma to be a hoot, the sloth to be cute, and the journey to be unforgettable. Possibly my favorite DreamWorks film to date.



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