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Movie Review: Evil Dead

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 3 years and 6 months ago

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Call it rebirth, reboot, rehash…no matter what the term, these types of flicks aren’t usually easy to embrace – and with good reason. There’s been a thread of old-school horror classics that have been tapped at the chance of garnering a new crowd, but they’ve failed miserably. Why would they ruin childhood, cult classics like “I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE,” or “MOTHER’S DAY” for example? There really wasn’t a need for it, but in the end it’s all about money. I understand. So, when I heard Sam Raimi’s “ARMY OF DARKNESS” (a/k/a “EVIL DEAD”) was up for some dusting, my hopes weren’t all that high.

However, after much anticipation with red-band trailers, TV spots, word-of-mouth, etc. I finally sat and got to take in this century’s version courtesy of director Fede Alvarez, and I must say I’m so pleased with what I saw, I now firmly believe anything is possible! Co-executive produced by Raimi, and written by Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, “EVIL DEAD” pays homage to its origins as familiar elements are presented, however, with new found horrific twists, cast of vulnerable, beautiful people, and good old-school gorgasms, this film was one of the best and most intense I’ve seen during the last four months of this year!  

“EVIL DEAD” follows Mia (Jane Levy) coming to her family’s lost, remote cabin in the woods (of course) to forcefully flush out her drug addiction. By her side are her bffs Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) and Olivia (Jessica Lucas) – who visually have experienced Mia’s failures – as well as Mia’s estranged brother David (Shiloh Fernandez) and his girl Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore).

Following a typical color-by-number playbook, this creepy cabin holds unholy complex secrets. As luck would have it, the vulnerable air-heads come across a section of the cabin where obvious horrid historic occurrences remain. Smeared with the ugliness of blood, death, and a barbed-wired strange book of demonic magic, curiosity did more than just kill that cat(s)!

Although “EVIL DEAD” doesn’t ooze Raimi’s trilogy’s wit-and-wisdom, this piece is pure viciousness from start to finish! Thrilling and gory to the core and/or max, there isn’t a moment in this film where one lowers their guard with any kind of psychological or emotional tranquility. Jumping from one visceral moment to the next, the film doesn’t even need any strength within its plot. If anything, that’s the last thing I’m sure anyone who watches this film will be looking for. The story is as simple as can be, and places you in a unique trance of the most atrocious, inhumane, vile experiences at the sights of humans going against intense forces beyond their control.

The film kidnaps all senses! It’s got possessions, nail-guns, razor sharp knives, chunks of broken glass, chainsaws, floods, unholy molestation, mud, fires, and what’s that without blood? Oh, yeah, if you’re a squeamish type…brace yourself as there’s lots and lots of blood. So much, red becomes the color dictating towards the end. Being able to experience this from the comfort of your bed-bug-ridden theater seat, the sound affects play a major role in elevating the purity of evil!   

The only miss in the film comes with editing. There are see-saw moments where one thinks the end has arrived, only to take you into a whole other gory festivity that leaves you wondering more than feeling closure. Coming off a little like “THE CABIN IN THE WOODS,” the difference between the two, “CABIN” seemed to have possessed vivid characters and cuts where “EVIL DEAD” only has a group who are one-dimensional with a strange anticlimactic aftertaste. Well, with the exception of two (I’ll let you figure it out), for most part, there was a bit of disarray during its final act.  

But even with its hits and misses, this film is atrociously awesome! Very high on intensity while forcing souls to run a gauntlet of vicious, unholy mazes – “EVIL DEAD” for sure covers what horror lovers seek with no restrain! Churning out terror deep within its core of crude, totally recommend it! A horror film hasn’t been this (disgustingly) fun since...



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