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Movie Review: Mama

Eric Hook image

Eric Hook wrote this review 4 years and 10 months ago

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Any project Guillermo Del Toro touches will be intriguing. The man doesn’t always deliver, but he always seems to be cooking something up. Starting off, the villian of ‘Mama’ deserves some praise. She was repulsive and evil as hell. Not afraid to attack the living when threatened. Even manifesting herself into human form, which was beyond frightening. Mama was one of the most proactive & violent spirits in recent memory. That unpredictability was exciting, it keeps you on your toes.

Many things were in this film’s favor as it progressed. Still I waited for that one aspect or part of the story to put it over the top, but it never really came. The rationale behind the motive of ‘Mama’ was solid enough, with the cliff & the loss of her baby. But the ending I didn’t feel like summed up the movie very well. Why wouldn’t Mama take these children to the cliff while they were living in the cabin. She had gained their trust by that point, and it was just around the corner. I just feel it was heading in an interesting direction, but the destination was disappointing. While I commend them for crafting a terrifying antagonist, and coming up with a fresh premise. I must to dock points for not being able to finish, or taking us somewhere we haven’t been.



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