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Movie Review: Compliance

Eric Hook image

Eric Hook wrote this review 4 years and 11 months ago

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Compliance exhibits a shocking display of gullibility, as one man deceives an entire fast food restaurant. Set in Ohio, a store manager receives a call from a person claiming to be an officer. He exclaims one of their cashiers has been under surveillance for stealing from customers. He convinces this manager to keep her employee in the back, strip of her naked, and gradually violate her in outrageous ways.

As it escalates further, this prank seemed almost laughably unrealistic. Why do they continue to take orders from him? He gives them no real proof whatsoever. - I went to school with a guy who told the cops to go fuck themselves when they called to ask the whereabouts of his friend, and nothing happened. - Yet these dopes obey this guy like he’s the voice of god.

It really is mind boggling. But once the real police get involved, we finally hear the voice of reason. They ask the employee… Why didn’t you just say no? Which is what the audience has been asking from the start. I mean the guy convinced this girl to get spanked and give a blowjob to an old man. Isn’t that where you’d draw the line? I suppose targeting a fast food restaurant is ideal, for the lack of educated employees. But the funny thing is, this isn’t even an isolated incident. In the words of the investigator, “This happened more than once, you gotta be shittin’ me?!” In fact, it happened more than 70 times…

Compliance is repetitive at times, and seems completely ludicrous. But it’s real, and most of the appeal comes from knowing it happened, and that people really are this gullable. Not the most entertaining movie ever, but the subject matter is intriguing.



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