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Movie Review: A Good Day To Die Hard

Tim Stevens image

Tim Stevens wrote this review 4 years and 11 months ago

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I love John McClane movies!  Unfortunately, this was not one of them.  The Die Hard series has a number of familiar plot setups and twists and as boring and repetitive as they may seem, they are the reason we enjoy these movies!!!  A Good Day to Die Hard starts out as expected. McClane is traveling, a family member is involved or in trouble, notorious bad guys are doing something nefarious and no one in authority really knows what's going on.  Pretty straight forward.  However, somewhere in the middle of the film, McClane starts to take more of a back seat to his son.  The dialogue is not as biting and sharp and the focus shifts.  McClane has always had a "buddy" characters in each film to work with John and help him along the way.  But this movie really doesn't have that same feel. It was a great action film, filled with car chases, bad woman, hired thugs, lots of explosions.  All the things you would expect, without all the snide remarks, bravado and “think it up as you go” approach John has taken in the past.  Perhaps it’s a sign of handing over the reigns to a new generation.  Perhaps someone in Hollywood thought this would be a good idea, to segue a new character into the mix to continue the series.  It could have even been, perish the thought, a script someone thought they could add a few McClane ‘esk” lines to, sign Bruce Willis and slap a Die Hard label on the cover. Don’t think that hasn’t been done ;) But here’s the catch.  Just like we were not ready to let go of Indiana Jones - we are not ready of letting go of John McClane.  Please bring him back in full form, the way it was meant to be.  Yippie  Ki Yay!!!!     




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