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Movie Review: Promised Land

Eric Hook image

Eric Hook wrote this review 4 years and 11 months ago

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- A rural town recently hit hard by economic decline is visited by two outsiders seeking drilling rights to their citizen’s properties. -

Matt Damon’s job is to persuade families to sell their land for natural gas dissection. Many believe this act of ‘fracking’ leaves behind a path of destruction, but any evidence put forward is quickly discredited or paid off. Damon & his partner are under the impression these cases are fabricated, or at least they have convinced themselves so. Their job demands surety & conviction, so they must live by looking the other way. It’s a simple kind of moral dilemma, with a lively variance concerning what is wrong & right.

The twist was definitely unforeseen, and some might say unrealistic. No signs told us this ‘blindside’ was a possibility, so I’m not positive that the end really justifies the means. Was it a realistic twist, I don’t know… It would take another concentrated viewing, but at the time it seemed to be effective. It’s a very linear narrative, with a crystal clear message. These days that’s all you can really hope for in a film.



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