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Movie Review: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Eric Hook image

Eric Hook wrote this review 5 years ago

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“It’s easin’ somewhat now. When you got pain, it’s better to judge yourself of a lot of things. I’m not gonna stupify myself with that stuff. I wanna think clear. I want to see everything, and I want to feel everything. Then I won’t mind goin’. I’ve got the guts to die.”

It’s complicated living in this new age of cinema. Our generation has become so anesthetized to magic of movies, all the amazing HD, CGI, & visual effects. So when all that color & noise is stripped down to the bare-bones of conversation & single sets, it’s tough to focus. It takes a hardened discipline to be able to watch classic movies for many young people. But Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is one of those few films that regardless of it’s time period or the technology used, the narrative clings. It features countless prevailing themes & pertinent lines. The last time I really recall provoking that feeling was Sidney Lumet’s 12 Angry Men, insanely minimal yet engrossing.

Customarily with a film that features so many strong relationships, I feel like one stands out. In this case Brick’s relationship with his dying father & unfulfilled wife are both equally distressing. Their exchanges make you feel something for them, rapidly shifting your opinion of the characters as plot points are discovered. The method for telling the story was the film’s biggest plus. It doesn’t wait for you, it chugs along only revealing mild developments. The full conception is not gathered until the final act, when the characters finally drop the charade, and start calling each other out on their bullshit.

My only reservation would be Paul Newman’s performance. I’m not trying to say he is a bad actor, but in this particular role he was downing whiskey like a sailor, and not even slurring his words. I understand he’s an alcoholic, but it would still show slightly. Other than that I loved every bit of it. The in-laws made you grind your teeth, especially the kids. Elizabeth Taylor & Paul Newman were a beautiful couple, who I must say would give birth to absolutely divine offspring. Still, I must extol Tennessee Williams the most, this play is just wonderful, I will be adding soooo many of the lines to my list of favorites. 



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