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Movie Review: Identity Thief

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 4 years and 11 months ago

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By now Melissa McCarthy is a household name! Having been around for a bit, without question, “Bridesmaids” is the movie that shot this woman through the roof. Personally, the most talented of all hoochie-mamas, this woman played her character out to the best of her abilities – firing one of the best, most raw comedic performances ever. Leading to other enjoyable roles in films like “This is 40,” an upcoming girl-power-buddy-cop piece in “The Heat” (opposite Sandra Bullock), and knowing she’s also in “The Hangover III,” I don’t think we’re going to see this woman disappear any time soon!   Having partnered with funny-man Jason Bateman this time around, “Identity Thief” follows a see-saw of a story which embellishes on one of the scariest scenarios any of us could ever encounter; however, with a little comedic spin to it… who knew identity theft could be a mish-mash of enjoyable, humorous complexities.   Unlimited funds have allowed Diana (McCarthy) to live it up in Miami, where the queen of retail buys whatever strikes her twisted, little mind. There’s only one thing: The ID she’s flashing to finance these sprees reads “Sandy Bigelow Patterson” – and it belongs to a goody two-shoes accounts rep (Bateman) who lives halfway across the U.S.! With only one week to hunt down this precious con-artist before his world implodes, the real Sandy Bigelow Patterson heads south to confront the woman with an all-access pass to his life. And as he attempts to bribe and brain-wash her on the 2,000 mile trip to Denver, he discovers just how tough it is to get his own name back!   With a witty script ranging from innocent to raunchy, “Identity Thief” has a bit of a slip – and that’s its run time. Why this film turned out to be two hours is beyond me – much of the blame can go to its unnecessary subplot (which I will not give away) that was completely dull and between scenes sucked a bit out of a straight forward joy-ride between a duo which really played well off each other in Bateman and McCarthy.   Comedic timing between the two was precise! With flying objects during confrontations, rough insults tapping into what one would consider “bully-like name calling,” and a pretty interesting back-story pertaining to McCarthy’s character, “Identity Thief” is a refreshing comedy to hit the sliver screen so far this year. It’s open, challenges one’s sense of reality when going to extremes whether under malicious intent, or for the greater good, and layers its pace pretty well.  

Considering its minor drag, “Identity Thief” does what it needs to do – and that’s make you laugh while riding along on a journey that goes from a sour taste of quasi-delinquency, to surviving the game of maliciousness by any means necessary! 



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