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Movie Review: Compliance

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movieguru wrote this review 5 years ago

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Compliance offers a close and disturbing look at what people directed by someone acting as an authority figure may do. Based on a true story, the film begins at a fast food restaurant. The store manager (Ann Dowd) is believable in her role and the type of person that always aims to please. In the middle of a big rush, the store manager receives a phone call from a man claiming to be a police officer accusing one of the young cashiers (Dreama Walker) of stealing from a restaurant patron. He directs the manager and others to follow through with his commands over the phone. Some of his orders were definitely invasive and disturbing, yet the person on the other end follows through. The real incident happened in 2004 in Kentucky and there are 70 similar cases on record.

Some portions of the film were so disturbing, I did fast forward through them.  I just couldn't bare to watch. I found it so hard to believe that people would blindly do something they know is wrong just because the authority figure on the other end of the phone tells them to. 

Compliance offers a powerful and uncomfortable look at the psychology of obedience and reminds viewers of how blind obedience played a role in horrible events like the Holocaust. The film definitely stirs up some good conversation afterwards.



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