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Movie Review: Life Of Pi

Eric Hook image

Eric Hook wrote this review 5 years ago

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Life of Pi explores the inner-struggles of a man vs himself, and the belief of a higher power. Though Pi is fortunate to have company while stranded on this ocean vessel, a tiger isn’t much of a conversationalist. You could imagine the battle for strength & survival would be the most difficult test when trapt at sea, but it’s not really. The real gauntlet takes place in the mind of this young man. Keeping hope alive while warding off the hallucinations provided by a rocking sea, keeping ones sanity while stuck in an infinite abyss. It would be similar to the solitude of prison, minus the knowledge of knowing where you are in relation to the world. It’s a test of one mans psychical, mental, and spiritual self.

Visually Life of Pi is unmatched. Ang Less continues to completely blow the minds of his fans. His verstality is incredible when comparing this film with his others like The Ice Storm & Brokeback Mountain. This adaptation was said to be impossible to make, “unshootable” was the chosen word, but technology continues to vastly advance at accelerated rates. The problem was thought to be the animals, how could they put zoo animals on a life raft, give them expressions, and make them act according to the story? I don’t know how they did it, but it looked wonderful. The tiger aka Richard Parker was incredible, and an equal cog in this tale of survival.

This film is similar to other survival movies like 127 Hours & Castaway, one man in an isolated location fighting to survive. It’s a troublesome genre to tackle, mainly since dialogue is difficult when there is only one actor. In Castaway, Tom Hanks talked to a volleyball, and in this film, Pi befriended a tiger, which made for some wild exchanges. Unbelievably majestic CGI of the tiger, whales, the carnivorious island, the rest of the animals. The shipwreck was likely the most impressive scene, but it has to be experienced not described. Life of Pi demands a trip to the movie theater if you ever get the opportunity.




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