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Movie Review: Dredd

Eric Hook image

Eric Hook wrote this review 5 years and 1 month ago

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A stylistically sound action flick, where the fiery bulk of the fighting is compacted into 200 locked down stories of narcotics, gun shells, & bloody guts. Set in a futuristic dystopian society, where ‘Judges’ are the cold blooded executers of the unlawful. A rookie joins the weathered Judge Dredd in a bid to exterminate the sickest gang in town. Beyond the explosions, a robotic tone can be heard with a score of german sounding club music, that gives the film an ultra quick pace.

Judge Dredd’s mission is to arrest the bad guys unless they resist, then he eliminates. He is as you would expect, a badass. His partner played by the newly blonde beauty Olivia Thirlby is a rookie Judge. Her character is revealed to be psychic, having the ability to get inside your head and even have a face to face conversation with your mind. As the film progresses the extent of her powers are shown. She is by far the most interesting character in the film, and she’s not too bad to look at either.

A lot of action movies use slow motion, many of which go way overboard. Well Judge Dredd is the first movie that actually gives an explanation to why everything is in slow motion. The gang distributes a drug called slo-mo, that you could probably guess manipulates time & your surroundings by slowing things down. It’s a really clever feature of the movie, and (though I did not see it) a cool effect for the 3D technology.

Lena Headey was built up as this sidistic gang boss with a - devil may care - attitude. The broad development of her character warranted a worthy demise, and she got it. Dredd shoots her up with the slow-mo, and gives her a long & epic fall. The POV from the ground’s perspective made the creativity of the kill impact that much harder.Dredd 3D was an innovative fast paced remake actually worth your time.

Verdict: Liked It, great addition to the action genre.




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