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Eric Hook wrote this review 5 years ago

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I would define an outsider as someone who rarely acts upon their urges. They study the people around him. Watching their lives play out & the multitude of feelings they experience. Never feeling any themselves. Charlie is an outsider, he’s soft spoken & inexperienced. He doesn’t like to be the center of attention, but he’s sharp, always reading, looking for his own personal vindication.

Now I am a sucker for sappy romantic movies, so take my review with a grain of salt. Sometimes my brain isn’t sure what to make of certain sequences or movies, but goosebumps are my bodies way of bypassing that innate manly negativity in my head. And those bastards popped up a few times, especially during the ending. So I have to admit the movie was very poignant & emotional. I was deeply moved by all the visual components as well as the audio & the score. The composer scored the movie with real elasticity, making each scene distinctive & giving the film its own personality.

It’s odd that so many filmmakers create such poor interpretations of high school life, mainly because it’s the one thing I know for sure everyone has experienced. While this movie has its fair share corny high school moments, it’s the closest adaptation I’ve seen in awhile. Also normally when movies portray marijuana use, it’s way over the top. Not this movie, all it did was make Charlie more talkative & desire a milkshake, which was quite funny. The church scenes were also a nice addition, brief but helpful for a better education on Charlie’s family & background. Little accuracies like that make everything else more relatable.

Much of the movie was aided by the performance of Ezra Miller, Charlie’s older guy friend. He’s a homosexual who has a secret love affair with the star of the football team. He’s deeply toubled but disguises it through his flamboyantly amusing personality. After seeing him as an inherently evil murderer in We Need to Talk about Kevin & now this, I think this guys a fine actor with lots of range.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” This line defined many of the characters & their decisions in the film. High school surrounds us with people we involuntarily compare to ourselves. It’s a place full of immaturity, where others love to focus on the flaws of a person. Many of these wonderful characters in the film are littered with insecurity for these reasons. This film is a strong reminder that we all go through it on different levels. And the only way to get out alive is to surround yourself with people who deserve your love, whether it’s befriending a teacher or sitting at the loser table. Find who or what makes you happy.



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