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Movie Review: Step Brothers

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Sam Archer wrote this review 5 years and 2 months ago

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This hilarious hit comedy stars the very funny lead actors, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. The film features the plot of two overgrown 40 year old “children” who still live with their single parents. And as fate had it planned those two parents meet and fall in love... causing the two separate families to move in and live with each other. Resulting in two attention seeking kids being under one roof. This film opened in 2008 with director Adam McKay making another calibration with Will Ferrell.

Over the course of the 98 minutes you will see the two lead characters overcome a number of obstacles set in place by each other’s personalities. And that’s fun to see. It’s rare that we see characters go on a journey in a basic comedy. And this film attempts this, you have to give gratitude to the journey and the character arch of the characters. They develop. And in the end you may even find your eyes on the verge of forming a tear over a heart-warming conclusion. 

The film is perfectly cast. It’s hard to imagine who else could play an immature adult other than Will Ferrell, supported by just as funny step-brother John Riley. The two parents play it great also! One has the personality of a strict lesser caring type, and the other – A sensitive more lenient mother. (And this helps pace and give a touch of needed depth to the story).

But the film is silly. Some viewers may find the flick too silly to be funny. And that’s easy to see why, seeing two 40 year old characters act like 15 year olds, it’s just too hard invest in the characters and plot too much (although for the light hearted viewers this wont pose much of a problem). The jokes and goofs are obvious. Where other comedies may make their jokes more subtle and well-educated, this film isn’t like that, that silliness that people may love could be the films own kryptonite.

The film wasn’t loved too much by critics, but you should still check it out! If you’re looking for a film where not much attention is required, then buy it! Or at least rent it. I love this film, it’s one of the best comedies in a long while in my opinion.


Written by, Sam Archer 

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