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Movie Review: Here Comes The Boom

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Prinz Lee wrote this review 5 years and 3 months ago

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It’s so bad, it’s pretty good.

Former collegiate wrestler Scott Voss (Kevin James) is a 42-year-old biology teacher in a failing, financially strapped, Boston high school. Keeping it to contemporary times, when cutbacks threaten to cancel the music program and lay off its teacher (Henry Winkler), the stakes are raised, and Scott begins to raise money by dabbling as an MMA fighter. Of course everyone thinks Scott’s nuts – most of all the school nurse, Bella (Salma Hayek) – but in his do-gooder journey, Scott gains something he never expected as he becomes a sensation that rallies the entire school.

Ok. For starters, do not enter this film expecting anything relating, or even near film-based sensation – not that anyone would – but I’d like to get that out there. Seeing as it stars Kevin James, I think as movie buffs, we’re pretty much in tune when it comes to films he stars in and/or carries. The guy has his “it-factor,” following, and respect; however, it’s not often one says he’s had dynamic films with lots of substance and feeling; we need to see them again – PAUL BLART: MALL COP (2009), ZOOKEEPER (2011 – also directed by Frank Coraci)

His films are simply there, they serve an entertaining purpose, but I’ve always been one to think he shines best opposite “bigger” egos – no pun. Although GROWN UPS (2010) was one of the biggest disappointments out there (for me), he blended well among his costars. Another film he did pretty well in and made the film enjoyable and funny was HITCH (2005), opposite Will Smith. I never really got Kevin James, but maybe it’s not for me to “get him” and/or anyone else. All I know is I always feel like it was a waste of time. I often ask myself why do I keep watching, and that’s because no matter what, a film is a film and they all deserve a chance.

The same can be said with HERE COMES THE BOOM. The comedy is flat. Like most of his other films – it’s weak and one dimensional. There really aren’t layers to its humor, and clearly comes off generated for a specific audience. However, where I feel I need to be honest is it’s pretty entertaining aside from all the stale jokes – it grabbed my attention, entertained me, and delivered what I felt was a message of helping out those who are less fortunate or troubled. In one way, shape or form help is displayed.

Its supporters (Henry Winkler, Salma Hayek, and Bas Rutten) make the film string along quite smoothly, and provide moments with a minor chuckle here and there. It’s pacing and story is pretty decent, although there were many clichés, along with predictable, underdog layouts, and for a moment one needs to disengage reality with a lot that’s presented once we enter the second act – if you watch, you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Overall, HERE COMES THE BOOM isn’t anything I’d recommend anyone to run out and twist an ankle for, but it’s ok enough to have in the back of your mind if you need to kill some time. Whether James is a “comedic genius” can be argued till we’re blue in the face, as well how this film will do at the box-office. It’s beyond me and/or my control, but it’ll be interesting to see how moviegoers respond to it.



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