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Movie Review: Battleship

Sheldon Wiebe image

Sheldon Wiebe wrote this review 5 years and 8 months ago

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It's been a couple of weeks since I saw Battleship, but I was surprised to find it was a perfectly acceptable summer popcorn flick.

Remember the unutterably awful Battle Los Angeles? Battleship is is that movie plus characters we can like and, more importantly, a sense of humor. It knows it's good-natured, blow stuff up real good, summer popcorn fare and it's okay with that.

Taylor Kitsch is very good as the screwup brother, Stone Hopper, who has to learn and accept responsibility when his brother dies from an alien attack on his ship, and does so with some earnestness (after a prerequisite moment of doubt).

Rihanna isn't given much more to do than be very, very enthusiastic about her job, which - as a weapons tech - is to blow stuff up real good. She has the requisite enthusiasm and doesn't look out of place. Kudos to Jesse Plemmons, who plays the 'sailor who can't stop talking when he's nervous' and makes the guy likable in spite of himself.

The aliens are enough like us to be familiar and different enough to be creepy, and their weaponry varies between the familiar [gun batteries that fire recognizable shells, no matter how much more powerful they might be] and alien [Shredders - metallic balls that sprout fiery spikes and seem to have their own guidance systems].

There's even a clever reference to the board game that makes the movie's title appropriate.

Battleship ain't art, but it's fun.



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