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Movie Review: Leave

Tim Stevens image

Tim Stevens wrote this review 5 years and 9 months ago

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Your natural inclination when you write a review about a film is to lead the reader through a storyline.  Engage them in the tale and try to give them a sense of the film, without providing too much detail.  Discovery is an important aspect of film viewing.  The journey is different for everyone and it is the story and the directors interpretation of the material, that can make or break a film. In the end, the review is intended to impart some influence on a potential viewer and either encourage or discourage them to invest their time.   

I am resisting that urge entirely here, and with good reason. As the ending credits began to roll on LEAVE, I sat there in stunned silence.  Overwhelmed by the story that had just unfolded in front of me.  The storyline, though gripping and thrilling from beginning to end, was only one part of this movie.  Like a single actor delivering their lines.  Director Robert Celestino brought me so deep and immersed into this tale, that the journey became personal and it became mine.  Stand out performances by Rick Gomez as our troubled writer and Frank John Hughes as the mysterious stranger who enters his world, had me on edge throughout the entire picture.  However, it was the cinematography and most importantly the sound that were the real feature stars of this film. Together, they knitted a subconscious fabric throughout the movie, which was so subliminal, that every scene, no matter how benign, still had me feeling a sense of ominous terror.  Bringing all of these elements together and delivering a stunning payoff at the end, made this film a terrific, yet terrifying treat.  

LEAVE is a film that crosses the line from story telling to cinematic experience.  Few films have the dramatic power to do that, but LEAVE, will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.  



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