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Movie Review: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

Prinz Lee image

Prinz Lee wrote this review 5 years and 10 months ago

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The latest in the ever-so-famous Dr. Seuss collection, THE LORAX is an adaptation I wasn’t too sure about due to a mediocre trailer, but holds on pretty strong when simultaneously sucking in every man, woman and child into a vortex of make-believe with smears of contemporary debate.

THE LORAX follows Ted (Efron), a boy who searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of Audrey (Swift), the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of The Lorax (DeVito), the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect more than just his world, through a clever, purposeful encounter with an interesting character named Once-ler (Helms).  

Doing away with the obvious, like most animated films, one can’t expect anything in terms of acting. Performance in these types of films stem from the core of voice, articulation and inflection. THE LORAX covers that base very well. I’m not high on the fan-base meter of Zac Efron or Taylor Swift, but their form of reading throughout the film was pretty cool. The same would apply to every other actor – especially Danny DeVito! Something about his grungy voice and authentic vocal antics fit perfectly well as The Lorax. You name it – height, look, persona etc. They were all mastered pretty well – never once did anything feel forced or mumbled. It was all clear and crisp.

Although ear delicious, cute, silly in terms of humor and witty dialog, the strength from these types of films comes within story-line and graphics.

Graphically, THE LORAX is beautiful. I’m not sure that it needed to be in 3D because this film would have been just as enjoyable in 2D… As fans, that’s ALL we need(ed)… an authentic enough look to bring us back to those days when we flipped through his books. And not just fans, but contemporary children as well. Animation captivates a child’s mind pretty quick. I’ll never ever understand the push, and although THE LORAX has cool 3D moments – they weren’t “WOW” experiences like PIXAR’s UP for example.

THE LORAX’s plot is as simple as can be where it pretty much embellishes the art of boy-meets-girl, however, where some might NOT find it plausible is when reading between the lines. Considering one of many contemporary debates, THE LORAX’s subplot gets pretty daring when defying those in a system who find monetary gain by declaring war on nature. 

Adults will catch it early in the film during dialog between The Lorax and Once-ler. No bush-beating whatsoever and it follows through with the premise up until the very end. Many will refer to it as Universal’s way to promote “Liberal Propaganda” and move on. However, there’s more to this message (Which again I state gets very daring and also entails hurting a character), and what it is is basically embracing what we have – its purposes and importance. Upset audiences (I’m sure there will be a lot) can’t really point a finger and blame anyone in particular, as the main reason for the film is basically to entertain, but THE LORAX’s undertone WILL be taken by a lot as a PSA. (I can confirm because I heard many cringing parents talking about it among each other.)

Despite a somewhat controversial subject for adults to endure, THE LORAX is a safe, cute and colorful movie for the kids as well. When letting go, like any other of Dr. Seuss’ adaptations, everyone will find joy in an unstoppable imaginative ride.



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