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We have just finished our British low budget black comedy,starring Eastenders Ricky Grover and Mark Monero and Winner of Show Me The Funny,Patrick Monahan, after 6 long years. Being a small British film without much of an advertising budget,we're relying on people in the press who want to support Independent British Film, to give us their support.We therefore wondered if we could have yours? I have attached a full press release and some stills. The link for reviewers to watch the movie is here.We trust that you will keep this secure for us. Many thanks for your support and help,whether it's possible to review us or not. read more Kind Regards, Glen Maney The film is available by stream or download from the official site. 07545821414 The Limelight is a feature film that was based on an original script called “Tears of a Clown” by Comedian/writer Glen Maney. He wrote it after witnessing a comedian who had had experienced the death of a parent, the loss of a day job and the break-up with a girlfriend who ran off with another comedian, all in the space of 72 hours, put aside his depression to get up on stage and make people laugh before resuming his depression after the show. Glen sold the option to the script in 2001 but when the production company couldn’t raise the required £2 million pounds they wanted to make the film the option wasn’t taken up and Glen had the script and rights returned to him on 2004. With the encouragement of fellow comedians such as Ricky Grover and film makers and friends Paul Anthony Long and Stephen Hammal, Glen decided to take a leap of faith and make a film of the script himself, with the support of those friends. After much planning it was decided that because of his busy work schedule and other filming commitments, Ricky Grover (Eastenders –Big Fat Gypsy Gangster) would take the role of Al Moran (The Greedy Comedy agent) instead of the lead role that he was originally cast for, that of Gary Shand. There was an open casting for the lead role but no one really captured the essence of the ageing, struggling comedian who was fighting, depression, alcohol dependency, schizophrenia and a marriage break-up caused by his ambitions and desire to be a success in the world of comedy. It was suggested by both Ricky Grover and Stephen Hammal that as Glen knew Gary Shand better than anyone else, he should take the role. So Gary Shand was cast ! Comedians and friends of Glen since his early days in comedy Patrick Monahan (Winner of Show Me The Funny 2012) and Jay Sodagar also agreed to join the cast as Sean Bollinger and stereotypical landlord Mr.Ali respectively. The creative talent of John Robson who had overseen several promotional music films and was also a friend of Glen’s was brought on board at the eleventh hour as Glen decided he needed the strongest possible team around him in order to deliver the project using only funding (£30K) from his own earnings, £1500 from Screen South and finance from friends and family after the defunct National Film Council had turned him down for funding in favour of other projects that needed the money more, such as an instalment of the Harry Potter franchise! On the 5th February 2006 with the kind permission of owner Noel Faulkner, the first scenes were shot at the Comedy Cafe in London. John Robson persuaded friends Mark Monero (Eastenders-Wild Bill,Trial and Retribution) and comedians Craig Campbell (Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow) and Phil Nichol (Confetti ) to become involved and also recruited Ricky Stanbridge and The Almighty Chancers, for the soundtrack. Sonya Roseman was cast as former escort and love interest Sara Meo and Amanda Williamson who Glen had worked with before came onboard as Gary Shand’s estranged and long suffering wife Linda. Again an open casting didn’t really provide the actor and actress needed to play Gary Shand’s children, so Glen’s own children Laura and Nicholas played Gary Shand’s children. Filming when funds and cast were available it has taken five long years for this project to reach a conclusion. The film was shot in London,(Hoxton,Westminster and Wandsworth),Glasgow and on the Isle of Wight. The final piece of the jigsaw saw Ricky Milling and Taj Deol join the production team with their editing and colouring skills,overseen by John,who had gained many of the skills himself during the long production process.. What have we produced after all this time? We believe that we’ve produced a black comedy that could reach cult status if the plaudits continue to arrive along the lines of those that we have already. “You’ll laugh and You’ll cry longer than you have done in ages” Paisley Gazette. “A Unique and Funny Film” Malcolm Mowbray – Director of A Private Function and Meeting Spencer. “Funnier than an entire season of The Miranda Show put together. The best laugh I’ve had in ages.” Garry Bushell, Total Rock Radio. “Some fine performances in a darkly funny low budget film with Ricky Grover on fine comedic form” BBC Films John and Glen directed the film together and co-produced it. It’s their debut feature. Glen and John have sweated tears and John in particular has learned many new skills in order to get this project to the screen and early signs are that it’s been a worthwhile journey as everyone who has seen the private screenings agree. The Limelight will make you cry but will also make you laugh and make you laugh like you haven’t for a long, long time. Enjoy. QUOTES FROM THE SET “We must be the only film production company who doesn’t have a camera!” John Robson 2006 “We’d better film this scene quick. A fat bloke with his pants around his ankles shagging thin air in the stairwell of a block of flats is an arrestable offence if ever I saw it and we don’t want to frighten the locals!” Glen Maney 2011 The film Premiere was at The London Independent Film Festival 2012 The film went on sale on 20th May via download or stream via the Film’s official website.


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