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I on Entertainment - Quick Quiz: Famous Movie Quotes


Quick Quiz: Famous Movie Quotes

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Here's a quick quiz that should be fun for all.  I've put together a number of multiple choices questions, where your tasked to answer what chareacter, actor made this movie quote famous as what and in what movie?  Its an eclectic mix of animated, classic, gritty, comedy etc. Comment back with your answer, and feel fre eto add your own 'Famous Movie Quotes' as well.

1. "Say 'ello to my Lil Friend"
a) Paul Vitti, Robert DeNiro - Analyze This
b) Tony Montana, Al Pacino - Scarface
c) Michael Corleon, Al Pacino - The Godfather
d) Leo Getz, Joe Pesci - Lethal Weapon 2

2.  I just can't wait to be King
a) Pauper, Mel Brooks - History of the World
b) Hakim, Eddie Murphy - Coming to America
c)  Simba, Jonathan Taylor Thomas - The Lion King
d) Aladdin, Scott Weigner - Aladdin

3. Take the Red Pill and see how far the Rabbit hole goes
a) The Mad Hatter, Carl Beck - Alice in Wonderland
b) The Cheshire Cat, Sterling Halloway - Alice in  Wonderland
c) Morpheus, Lawrence Fishburn - The Matrix
d) Puss in Boots, Antonio Bandera - Shrek II
 4. "I Vant to Suck your Blood"
a) Lestat de Lioncourt, Tom Cruise - Interview with a Vampire  
b) Louis De Pointe De Bac, Brad Pitt - Interview with a Vampire
c) Narrartor, Vincent Price - Thriller

d) Dracula, Bella Lagosi - Dracula
5) "This is Sparta!"

a) Spartacus, Andy Whitefiled, Spartacus
b) Leonides, Gerard Butler - 300 
c) Hercules, Kevin Sorbo - Hercules
d) Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliff - Harry Potter
6) "Frankly My Dear I Don't give a Damn"
a) Murphy, Charles Bronson - Murphy's law
b) Rhett Butler, Clark Gable -  Gone With The Wind
c) Rick Blaine, Humphrey Bogart - Casablanca 
d) Ace Ventura, Jim Carey - Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
7) "Do you Feel Lucky Punk?"

a) The Mask, Jim Carey - The Mask 
b) Walt Kowalski, Clint Eastwood - Grand Torino 
c) Detective Harry, Clint Eastwood - Dirty Harry 
d) Sherrif John Chance, John Wayne -  Rio Bravo



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