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It's been a while but its time to catch New York State of Mind up on all the movies we've seen together as a group.

We go back to November 2011 one of our last group movie viewings as we went to watch Immortals starring the new Superman Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke.

From previews Immortals seemed like an attempt to piggyback off the success of 300 and in terms of story and acting there really wasn't much difference. 

The Titans whom Kign Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) was trying to release did not seem all that threatening to me and I couldn't really understand why Zeus (Luke Evans i believe?) insisted on killing his own family of Gods for helping the humans. Cavill himself didn't have mnay lines and we he did, it kind of made you wish he had no lines. (wonder how the Man of Steel is going to turn out)

On the positive side Mickey Rourke stole the show , with what i think was the best performance in this film and better than any of 300's performances. The action/violence in this movie was first rate as was the final fight between Hyperion and Cavill's character. 

Overall i'd pick 300 over Immortals but it was pretty good film , worth checking out. 

If you saw the film with NYSOM chime in! and even if you didn't chime in!




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Immortals met expectations for me.  If you're into action and gore, you'll like this film.  In terms of the acting, Rourke was great!  The rest were meh....but it was good enough for you to enjoy the bread and butter of the film....the ACTION and GORE.  So if you're looking to have a Blockbuster night (well more like Netflix these days), then this is a pretty good choice.


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