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16 Memorable Movie Dads

Father’s Day is quickly approaching so we thought we’d highlight some of the most memorable dads from the movies. Whether courageous or funny, this list captures everything we love about dads.  

Bomba (Jason Sudeikis) – Epic - Mary Katherine moves in with her father, Professor Bomba following her mother’s death  in the recently released movie Epic demonstrates their how their relationship evolves and how the daughter grows to trust her dad.


Grug (Nicolas Cage) - The Croods – Prehistoric, over-protective dad, Grug and his daughter Eep invent the first hug.


Professor Henry Jones (Sean Connery) – Indiana Jones Last Crusade – He might not be the most nurturing dad in the world, but the father-son relationship demonstrates that either one would do anything possible to save the life of the other


Mufasa (James Earl Jones) – The Lion King – Possibly one of the best animated movie dads, Mufasa takes on the challenge of teaching his son, Simba the “circle of life.”


Robert Quimby (John Corbett) Ramona and Beezus – When Robert Quimby loses his job he rediscovers what he loves to do and shows his kids anything is possible when you believe in yourself.


Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) – National Lampoon’s Vacation – At times clueless, but never short on trying to make his kids happy, Clark Griswold definitely tops our list for movie dads.  


Matt King (George Clooney) – The Descendants – George Clooney wins over the love of his children in his quest to find the man involved in his wife’s affair.  Some of his best advice given in the movie “"I don't want my daughters growing up entitled and spoiled. And I agree with my father: you give your children enough money to do something, but not enough to do nothing."


Mr. Incredible – The Incredibles – A true superhero dad that learns all kids really want is to spend time with their dads.


Martin (Albert Brooks) – Finding Nemo  - A touching animated favorite that demonstrates the extent a father takes to find his lost son, Nemo.


Jack Butler (Michael Keaton) – Mr. Mom – Demonstrates the rewards and challenges of raising kids.


Gil Buckman (Steve Martin) – Parenthood – After growing up with a neglectful dad, Gil Buckman tries to be the perfect dad.  He learns to adapt to the ups and downs of family life and embrace the unique charateristics of his kids and family.


George Banks (Steve Martin) Father of the Bride – George Banks is the type of dad who can anything and provides the type of support a daughter needs.

George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) – It’s a Wonderful Life – No list of movie dads would be complete without George Bailey in what is one of the most treasured holiday films.  George Bailey regularly sacrifices his individual needs in order to benefit his friends and family.


Richard Hoover (Greg Kinnear) – Little Miss Sunshine- Keeping a family together isn’t easy – especially a dysfunctional one. Greg Kinnear does his best to keep his family connected and thriving in this fun flick.


Chris Gardner (Will Smith) – Pursuit of Happyness  - A powerful role is which Chris Gardner shows his son that no matter what life throws at you, continue to fight to create the best life for him and his son.


Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) To Kill a Mockingbird – A powerful performance by Gregory Peck demonstrates his compassion, empathy and courage in his fight for equality – a lesson all children can benefit from.


Did we miss your favorite movie dad?  Add your favorites in the comments. 


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