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Movie Fan Profile - 50 Word Film Reviews

Olly Theakston, one of the reviewers on the Tumblr blog 50 Word Film Reviews recently took a moment to share details behind his love of film with Filmbuffet.  50 Word Film Reviews are written by Olly Theakston, Connor McMorran and Adam Jack Jones. They all studied Film Studies & Creative Writing at the University of Cumbria.

Q. Was there a particular film that sparked your interest in writing about movies? If so, what movie and why?
A. Brokeback Mountain. A lot of people disregarded it as ‘that gay cowboy movie’ but it’s so much more and anyone who’s watched realizes this, too. What it says about human relationships, love and life is just amazing. It was the first film I did a proper essay on so it definitely opened the floodgates!

Q. What is your most memorable movie moment?
A. The buildup before the train robbery in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – it’s hard to imagine more beautiful cinema and the sense of anticipation the film bring across is just incredible. Every single aspect of filmmaking is just perfect but the cinematography has to stand out. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean – for me it’s just cinema of the highest class.

Q. Movie Theater or home…where do you prefer to watch movies?
A. Hmmm….it hard to say actually. In a cinema you get the full film experience and nothing you can fit in a house is ever going to come close to replicating that (unless you’re rich!). But then when you watch a film at home, you’re far more aware of what the film is doing or saying and all the cultural connections it’s making because you’re not so blown away by the experience itself. I think I’ll go with home…partly because it’s far easier to analyze and understand a film in a home setting and partly because you can go to the toilet whenever you want to!

Q. What is your favorite movie quote?
A. “I’m finished!” From There Will Be Blood – perfect delivery of a perfect final line.

Q. How many movies do you think you’ve watched in your lifetime?
A. Erm…I’m going to guess well over 3000 – is that a lot? I don’t know…In honesty I just plucked that number out of the air!

Q. What movies are you most looking forward to seeing in 2013?
A. Lincoln – we’re still waiting for a UK release almost four months after its US release, which is ridiculous!
To The Wonder – I know it came out last year but I know I wont be able to see it until it gets a DVD release and I’m really interested to see how Malick follows up from Tree of Life.
Man of Steel – Forget Nolan’s Batman! This looks incredible!!!
Star Trek: Into the Darkness – I think the original really was a breath of fresh air for Star Trek and I can’t wait to see if the quality is maintained into the sequel…here’s hoping, at least!

Q. What type of movies are you typically drawn to and why?
A. I think it’s probably Westerns – I always find the exploration of the human identity within such a harsh environment really interesting; and the idea that we are the product of our environment is one I really love. I think it’s a great genre and it might be ‘flat lining’ for the time being but it’ll be back…mark my words!!!


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