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10 Iconic Masks in the Movies


In the movies, a mask adds interest and intrigue to a movie’s plot. Hide's a character's secret identity. A few of the most memorable masks in the movies are listed below:



The Mask

The loki mask in the movie “The Mask” transformed Jim Carrey’s character into a more animated version of himself.




Michael Myers’ mask is one of the first that comes to mind when I think of masked movie characters in film.


The Man in the Iron Mask

In this movie, punishment comes in the form of an iron mask.


V for Vendetta

The mask worn by V is one of the most unforgettable masks in movies.


The Town

No bank robbery is complete without a mask. In the movie, The Town the robbers dress as nuns wearing some freaking looking masks.



Another popular Halloween costume, the mask from the movie Scream.


Star Wars

Possibly, the most iconic mask of all is the one worn by Darth Vader.


Batman Begins

No list would be complete without the iconic mask worn by Batman.



The Jigsaw Puppet mask from the movie Saw is still as haunting as it was the first time I saw it.  


Point Break

A group of surfers rob a bank while wearing ex-presidential masks.


What masks do you think should have made the list?  Add yours in the comments below. 


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