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Movie Fan Profile - Jon Cross

Our Movie Fan Profile features Jon Cross. He is the ex-pat, writer, musician and movie fanatic behind The After Movie Diner Podcast which was recently nominated for a TLA Cult Award. He's been sharing his entertaining movie reviews, comedy & music on his podcasts and blog since 2010.


Q. Was there a particular film that sparked your love for movies? If so, what movie and why?

A. I've always loved movies and I am not sure if one in particular started that. I know that I saw Disney's Fantasia when I was VERY young and loved it. I know one of the films I watched growing up and always liked was Westworld (which I am about to do a podcast show on, funnily enough) and I know that Monty Python/Terry Gilliam films had a huge influence on me. I guess what these films have in common is that they are all very visually stimulating, originals to some extent but I love a good story. A film has to have the backbone of a great story.

However my love of B-Movies or slightly left field movies definitely began the first time I saw Army of Darkness. That was a turning point for me.


Q. What is your most memorable movie moment?

A. There are so many I am not sure you can pick just one, a selection of mine would be:

- The 'Groovy' sequence in Evil Dead 2

- Kirk on Genisis revealing he doesn't believe in the no win scenario in Wrath of Khan

- The blood test scene in The Thing

- The riveboat in the tunnel hallucinagenic scene in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory


Q. Is there a particular podcast that you are particularly proud of?

A. The two Don Dohler podcasts I am particularly happy with, they were always some of my favourites.

My Interview with Matt Dowling I am proud of because I took a 6hr phonecall and made a successfully coherent and popular show out of it and any of the episodes I do with Jon Wallace as I have known him for so long it adds that emotional sense of achievement as well as having a format finally where we can do-our-thing.

Q. What type of movies are you typically drawn to and why?
Anything inventive or passionately creative in any genre. I own more horror, comedies and action films than anything else but I love all styles and all genres as long as there is genuine thought and heart put into it. One or too much of one without the other doesn't work and makes for boring cinema. Nothing is original but if you can put something up there that is doing its own thing for the right reasons I am more likely to love it.

Q. If you had to guess - how many movies do you think you've seen in your lifetime?

A. Working on an average of 3 films a week for at the least 20 years (probably more than that if I am honest) and then maybe an average of 1 film every other week before that, it would be 3,432 films so far.

Q. What movies are you looking forward to seeing in 2012?

A. The Expendables 2, Safe, Casa De Mi Padre, The Cabin In the Woods, The Avengers, Moonrise Kingdom, To Rome With love, Ted, The Dark Knight Rises, Taken 2, Hyde Park on Hudson and Django Unchained

Q. What is your favorite movie quote?
A."You ain't leading but 2 things right now, Jack and shit and Jack left town" -
Ash, Army of Darkness




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